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Mother & Daughter


Aleksa Stojkovic, "Mother & Daughter"
Aleksa Stojkovic, "Mother & Daughter"
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Aleksa Stojkovic, was born March 24, 1957 in Belgrade, Serbia. He lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.
By profession ophthalmic optician, by photography deals from 17. years and active since 2000.
He is a Member of Photo Association of Serbia.

3rd Prize for photography in Nis on the topic ,, Orthodoxy today '', 2008.
2nd prize for photography in Beocin on "Orthodoxy on the Web," of 2010;
2nd prize-certificate in Athens Orthodox interplanetary Assembly entitled "Easter in the Christian East" 2013.

Compliments in Novi Sad for the collection "Novi Sad and Novi Sad", 2011 and 2012 .;
FSS at the annual exhibition fk.Novi Sad 2013.
Praise for a photo in Beocin on "Orthodoxy on the Web, '' 2013.
Participant art colony Prohor Pcinjski, 2010a.


Solo exhibition "Notes from Hilandara''u Atelier 212.god.u Belgrade 2004th
More than 100 collective exhibitions at home and abroad in:

Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Beocin, Becej, Nis, Knjazevac, Čačak, Bor, Zajecar, Pozarevac, Varvarin, Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Ljubljana,
Romania: Caracal, Bucharest and Mioveni.
Bulgaria: Varna, Razgrad and Ruse
Poland: Warsaw and Belastok.Rusija-Sant Petersburg
Switzerland: Geneva
USA: Las Vegas
Greece: Athens

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