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Autumn Colors 03


Istvan Virag, Landscapes
Istvan Virag, Landscapes
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Ištvan Virag, FIAP Artist

Born on 8/18/44 in Batina (Croatia). Educator, a historical archivist, journalist. Lives in Sombor (Serbia). He is a member of the International Federation of Photographic Art, of the World Association of Hungarian Photographers, of the Photo Association of Serbia, of the Photo-artistic Foundation "Moholy" in Baja (Hungary), as of the FKVK "Rada Krstic" in Sombor.

He started practicing photography in the 70's of the last century. The first shots get published on the covers of the "Magyar Képes Újság" news week in Osijek (Croatia). Those covers gathered in a solo exposition in Sombor in 2005.
Not long after a successful start he put down the camera, to get back to it after a thirty year long break. Other solo expositions follow: "The sky over the plain" (Sombor 2007 and Telecka 2011), "The Channel impressions" (Baja, Hungary, 2011, Sombor, Serbia, 2014), "Dream visions - photo abstractions" (Sombor, Serbia 2011 and 2012, Budapest, Hungary, 2014, Baja, Hungary, 2014, Subotica, Serbia, 2014).
He dedicates himself completely to photography from 2013, after retirement. In a two year he took part in 130 among national and international expositions, where he collected 76 prizes.

1. Autumn colors03 (near Leskovac, Serbia, 2013)
2. Autumn collors04 (Skadar Lake, Montenegro, 2013)
Exhibited at the Salon International Circuit Tourism Exhibition of 2014, Serbia and Turkey
3 Fields / Arable land (near Sombor, Serbia, 2013)
Exhibited at the Salon 18: Serbija, Macedonia, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Romania
Awarded: FIAP Ribbon-Croatian 7th International Photo Salon - Osijek, Croatia
4. Forest (Carpathian heights, Romania, 2013)
Exhibited at the Salon 18: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Canada, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey, Finland
Awarded: FIAP Honourable Mention-4th Salon of Photography 2014 Cakovec, Croatia
5. Forest02 (Carpathian heights, Romania, 2013)
Exhibited at the Salon DPW Three Country Grand Circuit 2014-Serbia and salon Chhayapath 16th International Salon of Photography 2014-India
6. In fog (Carpathian heights, Romania, 2013)
Exhibited at the Salon 19: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Romania, Serbia
Awarded: FIAP Mention-1st International Salon Shadow 2014 Serbia
7. Medvednik01 near Valjevo (Serbia, 2013)
8. Medvednik02 near Valjevo (Serbia, 2013)

His creative leitmotive:
"Art is either free or is not art"
“I consider an Abstraction as only absolutely free form. She's in cahoots with the thinnest secrets of creation."
“Work titles of the Abstractions is given by recipients"

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